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Research Interests: Atmospheric and Climate Sciences

  • Atmospheric new particle formation and growth

  • Aerosol-induced changes in cloud, radiation, and climate

  • Satellite remote sensing of trace gases and aerosols

  • Urban air pollution and micro-meteorology  

  • Extreme weather events

Research Activities

IITK-IITM Colloboraive Aerosol Measurements: April-May 2012/2013

     Organized, conducted, and analyzed aerosol size distribution and trace gases measurements at two distinct urban locations, Pune and Kanpur, in India.

Aerosol Life Cycle IOP: July-August 2011

      Actively participated in archiving and analyzing data from Aerosol Life Cycle Intensive Observation Period (IOP) campaign during July-August, 2011 in

     Long Island, New York, USA.

PROPHET CABINEX: July-August 2009

      Actively participated in science meetings and data analysis from PROPHET Community Atmosphere-Biosphere INteractions Experiments

      (CABINEX)-2009 campaign.

Marie Curie Research Fellow:  October 2006-September 2009

     As part of FP6 EST SPARTAN project (contract no. MEST–CT–2004–7512) at the University of Leicester, I was actively involved in the organizing

     committee of the Sprite–Watch campaign and observations of Transient Luminous Events (TLE's) at Meteorological Observatory, Sinezka Mountain,

     Poland during July 2007.

ISRO-GBP: December-January 2004

     Participated in the ISRO-GBP phase-II land campaign at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur during winter of 2004.

Sponsored Research Projects (Total funding: Rs. 4,44,54,722/-)

1. Development and evaluation of satellite-based estimates of ultrafine particles in four Indian locations

    Funding Agency: SERB (STAR Award)

    Project Period: 3 Years (2023-2026)

    Role: PI 

2. Investigations of atmospheric aerosol physico-chemcial properties: Ambient observations and numerical simulations (completed)

    Project Period: 2 Years 4 Months (2021-2023)

    Role: PI (Co-PI: Prof. P. Prem Krian and Dr. Ashoka S. Vudaygiri, School of Physics, UoH)

3. Association between atmospheric aerosol nucleation and cloud condensation nuclei: Implications for aerosol-indirect forcing (completed)
    Funding Agency: UoH-IoE
    Project Period: 3 Years (2021-2023)

    Role: PI (Co-PI: Dr. Rakesh Hooda, FMI, Finland)

4. Observation of nanoparticles in a polluted environment: From sub-5nm to CCN-active sizes (completed)
    Funding Agency: DST-SPLICE-CCP
    Project Period: 4 Years (2018-2022)

    Role: PI

5. Understanding new aerosol particle formation in the atmosphere: Observation, modeling and comparisons (completed)
    Funding Agency: DST-SERB
    Project Period: 3 Years (2017-2020)

    Role: PI

6. Start-Up Grant (completed)
    Funding Agency: University Grant Commission, Government of India
    Project Period: 2 Years (2017-2018)

Aerosol Physics Laboratory @University of Hyderabad

  • TSI Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS) consisting of 3082 Electrostatic Classifier (EC), 3772 Butanol Condensation Particle Counter (CPC), 3081A Long-Differential Mobility Analyser (LDMA) 

  • AIRMODUS A11 nano Condensation Nucleus Counter (nCNC) consisting of A10 Particle Size Magnifier (PSM) and A20 Condensation Particle COunter (CPC), Zero Air Filter, Vaccum Pump, Compressor Pump

  • Custom-built Diffusion Dryer

  • Custom-built in-line ambient aerosol sampling system

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