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PhD Students (ongoing)


Vijay Sagar Kumar (January 2018 - present)



Vijay is Junior Research Fellow at National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad and currently an external PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Vijay Kanawade in Centre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. His thesis work focuses on spatiotemporal variaibility and kinetics of ozone in the troposphere using satellite and modeling approaches. He has done Master of Science in Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences from Indian Institute of Technology Bhuwaneswar and Bachelor's in Physics from Govt. Raza Post Graduate College, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh.

PhD Students (Submitted/Completed)

  1. Dr. Abin Thomas - Currently Postdoctoral Researcher @University of Helsinki, Finland

  2. Mathew Sebastian - PhD Thesis submitted, Dec. 2023 -

  3. Vemular Varaprasad - PhD Thesis submitted, Dec. 2023 -

Project Members (Ongoing/Completed)

  1. Poul Cherian - Currently JRF @IIT Madras

  2. Mariya Benny - Currently JRF @IIT Madras

  3. Dr. K.SL. Phanisri

  4. Dr. Nagaraju Guthikonda - Currently Postdoctoral Fellow @Mokpo National University, South Korea.

  5. Anus Ibnu Basheer - Currently JRF @SPL Trivandrum

  6. Sakshi Jain - Currently Ph.D. Student @IIT Bombay

MSc Project Students (Completed)

  1. Oishi Chakraborty (2022), Linkages between new particle formation and air mass history - Currently PhD Student @IIT Bombay, Mumbai

  2. Suraj Kumar (2022), Investigating spatial and temporal trends in aridity over India

  3. Aninda Bhattacharya (2021), Investigations on the variability and trend of heatwaves over India - Currently PhD Student @University of Edinburgh, UK

  4. Y. Niveditha, (2021), Intra-annual variability in aridity over India

  5. Ripan Das (2019), jointly with Dr. P.S. Roy, Understanding the impact of climate extremes on the biophysical parameters of agriculture landscape over Vidarbha region of Maharashtra - Currently pursuing PhD @IIT Bombay, Mumbai

  6. Poul Cherian (2019), Aerosol-rainfall associations during Indian Summer Monsoon: Investigating species-wise aerosol links- Currently @IISER Bhopal

  7. Arun Nair (2019), Jointly with Dr. Siddharth Das, Investigation of physical and dynamical processes of Cyclone "Ockhi": Results from space-borne observations and model reanalysis - currently pursuing PhD @IIT Madras, Chennai

  8. Madan K. Rao (2018), Interannual variability of Carbon Monoxide emissions from forest fires over Indonesia - currently Project Fellow @IITM Pune

  9. Praveen Kumar Gudipudi (2017), Spatial and temporal variations of NO2 and SO2 concentrations over Indian Subcontinent

  10. Neethu P. (2017), Emission of Aerosols and greenhouse gases during Uttarakhand forest fires in 2016

  11. Sagar Valsan (2017), Study of carbonaceous aerosols at an urban location in Indo-Gangetic Plain

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