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Data and Tools 

This page provides information on available ambient measurements of aerosols, ancillary processed data (meteorology, model reanalysis, satellite etc.), and tools developed for data analysis by my research team. These datasets/tools will be made available upon reasonable request.

  • Aerosol size distribution in the size range from 10 nm to 514 nm diameter (SMPS) - Available since April 2019

  • Aerosol size distribution in the size range from 1 to 4 nm diameter (nCNC/PSM) - Available since January 2019

  • We also harmonize trace gases, aerosol, cloud, radiation, rainfall etc. data products from satellite (INSAT-3D, MODIS, MISR, CLOUDSAT, CALIPSO, CERES, OMI, MOPITT etc.) and model reanalysis (ERA-Interim, MERRA-2, NCEP, GDAS, etc.)

  • Aerosol microphysical box model incorporated with binary homogeneous nucleation and ion-induced nucleation of sulfuric acid-water system. For details refer to Kanawade and Tripathi, (2006)

  • PARticle Growth And Nucleation (PARGAN) inversion model to calculate growth rate and particle nucleation rate based on measured aerosol size distributions only using TSI SMPS. For details refer to Kanawade et al., (2012) 

  • IGOR Pro tool to analyze TSI SMPS aerosol size distribution data For example

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