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Teaching Experience (April 2016 - till date) : 9-10 Credits/Semester

  • Physics of the Atmosphere (PG)

  • Physics of the Ocean (PG)

  • Aerosols and Atmospheric Chemistry (PG)

  • Cloud Physics & Atmospheric Electricity (PG)

  • Tropical Meteorology and Climatology (PG)

  • Climate Change and Its Impacts

  • Climate and Energy (PG)

  • Ocean & Atmospheric Systems - Theory and Laboratory (PG)

  • Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Ocean Laboratory (shared- PG)

  • Introduction of Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (PG)

  • Dynamic Earth (shared-UG)

  • Earth & Its Interacting Components (UG, class size: 65)

  • Conducted one-day workshop on Introduction to IDL and IGOR Pro (PhD Students)

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